Three Reasons to Choose Sustainable Wood Cards

# 1. Sustainable- They're the greenest cards available

  • 100 % PVC free
  • Made from Nordic Birch harvested from certified sustainably managed forests in Scandinavia
  • Produced with 30 percent less energy than plastic cards
  • Manufactured with more renewable materials and energy than any other card manufacturer
  • Verified as more sustainable than PVC, bio-plastic or recycled plastic by two independent environmental research firm
  • Switching from PVC cards to Sustainable Cards reduces your carbon footprint by 50 percent

# 2. Functional- They work just like plastic cards

  • Durable, reliable and reusable, just like plastic
  • Fully compliant with critical ISO Industry standards
  • Compatible with most existing hotel locks and point-of-sale (POS) systems
  • Non-disruptive when replacing current plastic cards
  • ISO and application-tested for magnetic stripes, RFID chips, bar codes and signature panels
  • 100% Performance Guaranteed

# 3. Memorable- They're perfect marketing tools

  • Memorable because they aren’t plastic
  • Unique because of their beautiful natural appearances
  • Use them to demonstrate your commitment to a sustainable planet
  • Highlight your sustainable practices on a truly green product
  • Customize the cards for your brand, message or unique business needs
  • Print in any color, just like plastic
  • Print on white or partially white to comply with strict corporate logo standards
  • Create a lasting impression without leaving a lasting mark on the environment

Established in 2006, Sustainable Cards is the world’s leading wooden card manufacturer specializing in the most earth-friendly cards in the industry. Our card products and our manufacturing process have been analyzed and tested by two independent environmental research firms, Natural Capitalism Solutions and The Jegrelius Institute. Their findings, including an ISO-norm Life Cycle Analysis, verify that our wooden cards are more sustainable than other products in the marketplace, including any form of PVC, Polystyrene and bioplastic. In fact, research shows that switching from PVC cards to Sustainable Cards reduces carbon emissions by 50 percent.