Using Wood Products is Good for the Environment

Forests play a critical role in absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) in the environment. CO2 is the primary chemical compound responsible for the greenhouse effect and global warming. By harvesting mature trees and then replacing them with saplings, sustainable forestry actually reverses CO2 emissions.

Healthy, growing trees have a negative CO2 balance. To maintain a negative carbon balance, old or mature trees have to be harvested and new trees must be planted. Dead and dying timber emits CO2. Using mature or dying trees to produce wood products locks the CO2 in the timber. In short, using wood creates a positive effect for the environment called carbon sink.

By making and purchasing things made from wood, we minimize the need for products that are manufactured from carbon-emitting steel, concrete or plastic.

How to Tackle Climate Change

Watch this video and learn about how European sustainable forests help combat climate change.