Our Business Philosophy

In today’s business world, sustainability means different things to different companies. For us, we don’t just manufacture a sustainable product, we believe that the way we do business and live each day should be grounded in doing the right thing by our planet and our society. In short, whenever and wherever we can, we recycle, reuse or reduce so that we can preserve and protect our natural resources and our eco-system. At Sustainable Cards, our definition is rooted in The Natural Step´s Four Principles of Sustainability.

1.) Eliminate our contribution to the progressive buildup of substances extracted from the Earth's crust, such as heavy metals and fossil fuels

  • At Sustainable Cards, we use renewable forest materials and renewable energy to manufacture our wooden cards
  • We use 30% less energy than that used to produce plastic cards
  • Our factory is located where 55% of the energy on the grid comes from renewable resources

2.) Eliminate our contribution to the progressive buildup of chemicals and compounds produced by society, such as dioxins, PCBs, and DDT

  • We do not use PVC or other hazardous chemicals or additives in our manufacturing process
  • We use waterless printing technology
  • We use a water-based glue in our cards

3.) Eliminate our contribution to the progressive physical degradation and destruction of nature and natural processes, such as over-harvesting forests and paving over critical wildlife habitat

  • We use Nordic Birch from certified sustainably managed forests
  • Our plant is located in northern Sweden where we do not compete for alternative land use
  • We recycle wood waste to provide heat and hot water for our production needs
  • We recycle and reuse paper, plastics and glass products at work and at home

4.) Eliminate our contribution to conditions that undermine people’s capacity to meet their basic human needs, such as unsafe working conditions

  • We provide safe working conditions and fair wages for our employees
  • We support others who are working towards a sustainable society

In summary, we believe that you can be a sustainable business and a sound profitable business. We believe environmentalism and economics do mix and the results can benefit society. We’re passionate about what we do and the products we sell. We are a small company, but we believe we can have a sizable impact on the environment. By reducing the need for petroleum-based products and by using cards made from sustainable forest products, we can help reduce harmful greenhouse gases and contribute to a sustainable planet for the next generation to enjoy. For us, that’s success.