Special Promotions

Wooden Hotel Key Cards Win Praise on Earth Day

Chuck Schuringa loves them.

“They’re works of art. The graphics are vibrant and the grain of the wood is beautiful,” says the director of operations for Westin Tabor Center in Denver, Colorado. On Earth Day, Schuringa’s hotel proudly displayed wooden signs at their front desk explaining the environmental benefits of the wooden key cards.

“These cards complemented what we were already doing at our hotel to help the environment,” says Stefan Muhle, the regional director and general manager of the Orchard Hotels in San Francisco, California. “The cards fit our core philosophy and sustainable practices; we like to be forward thinking. Our staff embraced the idea and our customers did too.”

Earth Day Highlights Growing Sustainable Practices

Hotels across the U.S took advantage of Earth Day to continue building awareness for their sustainable practices and eco-initiatives. When guests checked into The Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas, not only were they handed a wooden key card, but they were offered complimentary pedi-cab services and, if they were driving a hybrid vehicle, valet parking was free. In an effort to uncover more ways to preserve the environment and lessen their carbon footprint, Driskill associates participated in a competition to find additional items at the hotel that could be recycled. They were also treated to a special “farm-to-table” luncheon featuring fresh, locally grown foods.

At the Orchard Garden Hotel, guests enjoyed special Earth Day cocktails at the hotel’s restaurant “Roots.” In Denver, as part of their Earth Day celebration at the Westin Tabor Center, all the associates received earth-filled clay pots and wildflower seeds.

Wooden Key Cards Are Popular Mementos

Sustainable Cards offered the Earth Day cards as a special promotion to introduce their environmentally friendly cards to hotels interested in highlighting their green practices to their guests.

“It’s our goal to offer the most durable, most cost-effective, environmentally sound card in the industry,” says Peo Akesson, founder and CEO of the card company.

The wooden key cards generated a lot of conversation among hotel guests and staff. Schuringa says the cards worked perfectly and the only problem he had was that guests held on to them as keepsakes. “They’re cool and guests like to keep them,” Schuringa says.