• "We’re very pleased with our sustainable wood cards. The cards complement our unique international brand as a contemporary, modern hotel that cares as much about luxury as it does about the environment. But, equally as important, our guests like them. We’re happy not to be using PVC cards any longer. Sustainable Cards are a perfect match for our eco-initiatives."

    Philipp Lennartz, Frankfurt, Germany

  • "Thank you for the opportunity to express how absolutely captivated with your products we are. In our efforts to replace as many of the everyday, often-overlooked objects with eco-friendly materials, we found Sustainable Cards to replace the plastic key cards that we have been using for years, which end up in landfills. We love that the cards are unique, function well and can be customized to showcase our properties' green efforts. Our guests find them unexpected and, therefore, take them home as an uncommon souvenir. We are so enchanted by your product that we recently began working with Sustainable Cards to customize signs and gift cards for our hotels."

    Dana Sailer-Mielke, Boulder, Colorado

  • "Walk the talk! Birch wood cards from Sustainable Cards are the perfect way of showing one's commitment to the environment. We are also happily surprised with how sophisticated they look within our high-end resort. The guests are very impressed!"

    Susan Mitchell, Vail, Colorado

  • "The wooden cards perfectly complement our rigorous sustainable practices. We try to make pro-environmental choices in all that we do in our hotels. The cards are our brand standard for all of our hotels in Europe."

    Inger Mattsson, Stockholm, Sweden

  • "Sustainable Cards was an easy choice for our company. The quality of the cards is unmatched and we really enjoyed the uniqueness of having wood business cards. The fact that it's a green and truly sustainable company was also a draw for us. We use our cards exclusively as business cards, but it's helped us to better communicate our brand to our customers. We are a locally owned franchise of a large corporation so sometimes it's hard to set ourselves apart. Our one-of-a-kind business cards have been a tremendous help. Our customers LOVE our cards and usually comment on their uniqueness. I would definitely recommend Sustainable Cards, they were easy to work with and incredibly prompt.”

    Jessica Roberts, Boulder, Colorado

  • "The key cards you produced for us were awesome! They were well received by our conference attendees and the Hilton staff gave them rave reviews as well.”

    Sharon C. Allen, Chicago, Illinois

  • “Radisson BLU Scandinavia Hotel has been using these cards for over two months now and we only have positive experiences to report. They perform just like our regular plastic cards with the exception that the guests notice that they are made out of wood and compliment us on our green initiative.”

    Hans Henrick Berendtsen, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • "Being a profitable business does coincide with a social responsibility and environmentally sound processes in everything from raw material sourcing to how our staff operates our stores. When we were presented with using Sustainable Cards for our gift cards, we immediately saw the potential. We were somewhat hesitant as to whether or not it had the strength and durability of a traditional plastic card. Given all the environmental benefits, we decided to take a chance and, I must say, it has played out extremely well. They behave just like our old plastic cards. They even improve the marketing response connected to our membership cards and, most of all, it is the right thing to do,"

    Björn Almer, Stockholm, Sweden

  • “The cards you created for us were exactly what we wanted. They fit our image perfectly and we have received many compliments on them from all of our members.”

    Giana Park, Pueblo, Colorado

  • “We’re proud to use Sustainable Cards in The Betsy-South Beach. From an aesthetic standpoint, we love the way they look and appreciate their durability! While we once used key cards made of recycled PVC feeling that these were the most eco-friendly option, we know now that your product is more sustainable. Realizing that a portion of your sales are allocated to the preservation and restoration of the environment means the world to us, as our hotel is keenly focused on community needs, locally, nationally, and internationally. We applaud Sustainable Cards for making the world a better place, and for making key cards look better and work better than they ever have before in our hotel!”

    Jeff Lehman, Miami Beach, Florida

  • “I have been using your wooden key cards for nearly two years. I continue to be impressed with the quality of wooden key cards, from their design to their reusability. They’re durable and work perfectly with the lock system we use.”

    Chuck Schuringa, Denver, Colorado